Date : 2022 Thursday 04 Aug
Code 442

East Azarbaijan province governor general: Tabriz projects advancement is acceptable

Accompanied by Tabriz mayor, the members of the Islamic council of Tabriz, Brigadier General Abedin Khorram, East Azarbaijan province governor general while paying a visit to the civil projects of Tabriz stated that Shahid Fallahi (Artesh) grade-separated intersection, Velayat Highway, the overpass of Shahid Fahmideh square, Resalat overpass are among the most significant projects of Tabriz.
“Based on the taken assessments in the past, the executive process of the projects was slow, while at the present time, with the fundamental measures and the replacement of the contractors by Tabriz municipality, the advancement of the projects is acceptable and will be inaugurated on the basis of the installed schedule”, said the governor-general.
Abedin Khorram later added that by the end of the projects, outstanding progress would be seen in the traffic and citizens’ commuting in the main streets of Tabriz.