Date : 2022 Tuesday 02 Aug
Code 440

Seqat-ul-Islam Tabrizi tomb to be prepared by January: Tabriz mayor

Paying a visit to Maqbarat-ol-Shoara, the tomb of poets of Tabriz, Yaghoub Houshyar, Tabriz mayor, accompanied by Rouhollah Motafakkerazad and Hojatoleslam Mir-Tajedini, the parliamentary representatives from Tabriz, Seyed Kazem Zafranchilar, a member of Islamic council of the city and Mousa Zarei, district 10 mayor, emphasized on the acceleration of Maqbarat-ol-Shoara project.
During the visit, the mayor later in his remarks pointing to the preparation of Seqat-ul-Islam Tabrizi tomb stated that the tomb, located in Maqbarat-ol-Shoara along with the other dignified poets, mystics, and writers of Tabriz, is being prepared for the commemoration ceremony of 111th martyrdom anniversary of this cleric, holding the title of Mujtahid.
Martyr Seqat-ul-Islam Tabrizi, one of the renowned scholars and clerics of Tabriz, is among the martyrs of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran, martyred coincide with Ashura in 1911.