Date : 2022 Sunday 15 May
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Tabriz Ark citadel

A long-standing guard to the city

Tabriz Ark citadel has acted as a long-standing guard to the city. Dating back to over 700 years ago, this glorious monument is located downtown and considered as one of the highest and oldest walls of the country and one of the most important symbols of Tabriz. According to the notes and itineraries of historical travelers, it was the only high building of the city observable even from far distances. but there is not much left from this citadel during its 700-year lifetime. A huge part of the citadel was destroyed in natural disasters like earthquakes or by humans within wars. Tabriz Ark citadel is the tallest monument in the East Azarbaijan province, Tabriz.
The remnant of the Tabriz citadel (Arg-e Tabriz) is attributed to the 14th century, when it was constructed as a mausoleum under the Ilkhanate dynasty.
The citadel is one of the most beautiful monuments and among the most famous symbols of Tabriz, attracting a considerable number of tourists and visitors each year.