Date : 2022 Sunday 15 May
Code 378


The Scenic Crest of Tabriz

The Eynali mountain range, embracing the northern part of Tabriz, has several low peaks of 1800 to 2400 meters, the most famous of which is Mount Dand. The area has attracted special attention from the past to the present. The picturesque Eynali promenade has been created for the convenience and better sightseeing of the people in this place; it includes cable cars to various mountaineering routes, shrines, Eynali Mosque, and the artificial lake while being beautified by forestry projects and other facilities. The Eynali Mountain range is one of the best recreational and tourist attractions of Tabriz, thanks to its cable car, the artificial lake and, and outdoor theater.
The tomb of Zeid-ebn-Ali and Oun-ebn Ali (AS) is located on the highest peak of Mount Sorkhab in the Eynali mountain range. The tomb has three rooms, a mosque-like tomb, a porch, two domes and five large stone pillars. The structure of the tomb is from the stones of Sorkhab Mountain. The memorial graves of 8 anonymous martyrs of the war against Iraq are also located next to this tomb.
In recent years, the municipality of Tabriz metropolis has allocated a considerable budget on equipping and expanding the Eynali mountain range, making it one of the most popular entertainment and tourist spots of the city.