Date : 2022 Thursday 12 May
Code 373

A report on Tabriz mayor’s meeting with the Italian Ambassador to Iran

Tabriz mayor meets Italian Ambassador to Iran

In a meeting with Italian Ambassador to Iran Giuseppe Perrone, Yaghoub Houshyar, Tabriz mayor, accompanied by Hojjat-ol-Islam‎Rasoul Bargi, the president of Tabriz Islamic Council, Mozaffar Soleimani, the financial and economic deputy mayor and Ali Ashrafi, general manager of security of Tabriz municipality stated that Tabriz is one of biggest cities of Iran, enjoying great potentials in various areas and due to the presence of  the economic complexes such as Tractor manufacturing, industrial and food factories is counted as the economic and tourism excellence hub of Iran
Pointing to the bilateral commonalties, capacities and cooperation opportunities of Iran and Italy, the mayor cited that the history of relations between the two countries dates back to the past, leading to the continuation of the two sides' ties in various aspects, including academic, medical, technical and engineering grounds. In this regard, special brands such as Tabriz carpet can be regarded as the initial point to introduce Tabriz culture in Italy, hoping to use the experiences of Italy in various areas.
He further added that Tabriz welcomes the sisterhood contract with one of the cities of Italy and is willing to have a joint relationship in the environment field too.
Later in his remarks, the mayor reiterated that Tabriz is the spiritual and cultural capital of Iran, highlighting that we have been standing against aggressions and our message is the message of peace and friendship to the world.

Giuseppe Perrone: Italy and Iran have the bilateral historical relations
During the meeting, the Italian Ambassador, on a visit to the northeastern province of East Azarbaijan, hailed the deep and positive relations between his country and Iran. Noting that the East Azarbaijan province is a key Iranian province, he said that his country is willing to enhance relations with this province.  
Touching on the gravity of historical relations between Italy and Iran, the ambassador stated that the two countries enjoy the old background in the cultural, economic, and commercial cooperation.
Referring to the splendid history of Tabriz, Giuseppe Perrone cited Tabriz as a splendid and significant city, bearing the title of the capital of Iran in the distant years and at the present is regarded as one of the industrial and economic centers of Iran.
He while pointing out the history of Tabriz and Italy's relationship noted that Tabriz had good interactions with Venice city in the last centuries.
Expressing his appreciation for the great hosting of Tabriz, he welcomed the sisterhood contract with one of the cities of Italy, suggested by Tabriz's mayor and the president of Tabriz Islamic Council, hoping to continue the cooperation on the diverse grounds.
Furthermore, he added that Tabriz is the spiritual capital of Iran and its citizens are known for culture and art. Perrone also said that his country is well-experienced in manufacturing cars and industrial machinery, adding that Tabriz can have cooperation with Italian firms in this field.

The president of Tabriz Islamic Council welcomes the sisterhood contracts with one of the cities in Italy
During the meeting, Hojjat-ol-Islam‎Rasoul Bargi, the president of Tabriz Islamic Council on his part welcomed the sisterhood contract with one of the cities of Italy, believing this relation is a cultural event. “We can hold the cultural weeks in both cities so that the two sides’ citizens can be familiar with each other’s culture and traditions,” he said.
He expressed that one of the renowned orientalists of Italy having visited Iran stated that the people of Iran and Italy have cultural and Etiquette similarities.