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Date : 2021 Tuesday 28 Dec     |     Code : 352

Tabriz mayor meets Belarus ambassador

In a meeting with the ambassador of Belarus in Tabriz municipality edifice, Abbas Ranjbar, Tabriz mayor, stated that in line with the development of cultural and economic interactions, Tabriz municipality is ready to hold cultural week of Tabriz in Mogilev city of Belarus and vice versa.
Referring to the sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Mogilev, during the meeting, the mayor said, “Today, Belarus ambassador’s trip to East Azarbaijan province is a precious opportunity to boost the bilateral cultural, economic and commercial relations”.
Later in his remarks, Abbas Ranjbar reiterated that if the Belarus side coordinates with our businessmen and merchants, we can establish bus assembly factory in Tabriz and create job and business opportunities.
On the sidelines of the meeting with the mayor of Tabriz and his senior deputies, Dmitry Koltsov, ambassador of Belarus to the Islamic Republic of Iran on his part, said the plan of purchasing 500 buses from Belarus manufacturers for Tabriz municipality is counted a desired plan and it must be studied and advanced based on both sides expectations.
“It is not my first trip to Tabriz, because in the past, I was a cultural counselor in this city. Hence, I decided to start my first trip to Iran from Tabriz.” The ambassador said. Furthermore, he added that Tabriz is a nice city, a historical city with the ancient Bazaar.
Expressing his gratitude for warm welcome of Tabriz officials, particularly the governor general and mayor, Belarus ambassador finally highlighted that economic and commercial relations are prioritized for both countries and it is hoped to be extended in the various projects in the grounds of culture, tourism and education.


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