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Date : 2021 Saturday 25 Dec     |     Code : 351

Tabriz mayor: benefiting from Knowledge-based companies in the construction of incineration plant


In the experts’ meeting on the analysis of the construction of the incineration plant of Tabriz, Abbas Ranjbar, Tabriz mayor, stated that the professors of the University of Medical Sciences and experts of the environment had been invited to discuss the feasibility and possibility of building incineration plant of Tabriz. “If we conclude, we certainly invite the active Knowledge-based companies in this scope”, the mayor said.
Ranjbar later in his remarks reiterated that with the attendance of experts, councilors, lawyers, managers, and int’l law advisors, a meeting was held and it was determined that all the contracts related to the municipality and all the requirements of Tabriz for enjoying incineration plant should be analyzed and discussed in a working group. This working group is to decide on the executive capability of the needs and contracts as well as associated commitments of Tabriz municipality within a month.

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