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Date : 2021 Wednesday 22 Dec     |     Code : 350

Tabriz mayor: Marginalization and public transportation, common sufferings of the metropolises

Abbas Ranjbar, Tabriz mayor, in the forum of metropolises mayors with the interior minister named marginalization and public transportation as “the common sufferings of metropolitan municipalities”. During the forum, the mayor reiterated that in the recent years, municipalities are suffering from the specific condition and it is predicted if the major and integrated policies are not adopted and executed through the country to solve the issue, the number of problems in post-corona time will be increased.
He later continued that marginalization is counted one of the vital threats and crises of the metropolises. To solve the issue, touching on the gravity of considerable attention in this scope, he suggested if parts of national movement of house are executed inside the cities and affordable housing loans with low-interest-rate are considered for marginalized dwellers, cities slum-dwelling areas will be diminished.
He later added that if the national lands are allocated to either municipalities or inhabitants with the cooperation of the ministry of interior, restoration measures can be taken in slum dwelling areas.

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