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Date : 2020 Tuesday 07 Jul     |     Code : 328

Tabriz Municipality determined to utilize modern waste management techniques, Tabriz mayor

On the sidelines of the joined meeting with the Italian investment company, aiming at the optimal management and recycling Tabriz waste, Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz, stated that waste issue in Tabriz is being managed properly and disposed scientifically at the present.
Referring to Tabriz pioneering role in the urban waste management, he said, "We are trying to ink a suitable contract, including both environmental and financial benefits.”
The mayor later reiterated that waste sorting and extracting materials for compost, electricity, gas production are among the common methods in the world. Hence, we should move in this direction to benefit from such resources and materials.
Shahin Baher further added that techniques such waste incineration systems are customary around the world and we are trying to use the extracted materials from waste while disposing them logically.
 He finally stated that Tabriz Municipality is currently implementing a 1000 billion Rials Landfill development project.

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