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Date : 2020 Monday 11 May     |     Code : 327

Tabriz and Erzurum mayors talk about how to deal with Coronavirus

Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz in a video conversation with the Mayor of Erzurum, Mehmet Sekmen, talked about the measures taken by Tabriz municipality to fight against coronavirus against COVID-19.
Upon the invitation of the mayor of Erzurum, Iraj Shahin Baher in a video call explained the actions of the Tabriz municipality in the fight against Coronavirus COVID-19.
 In this video conversation, Tabriz mayor reiterated that since the outbreak of Coronavirus, Tabriz Municipality has taken important measures such as the production and distribution of masks, gloves disinfectants. Meanwhile, 100 spraying machines and tankers have been operating in the city to serve the citizens.
He said that one of the main obstacles in the way of Iran’s response to COVID-19 is the US unilateral sanctions on the country.
Emphasizing on the necessity of expanding tourism between the two cities, later in his remarks, Shahin Baher stated the activation of Tabriz-Erzurum flights is necessary in this direction.
In the conversation, the mayor of Tabriz pointed out that Iran is fighting against two hardness؛ Coronaviruses and sanctions at the same time, saying that the Tabriz municipality has taken effective measures during the corona epidemic by observing the health protocols of transporting passengers with the public transport fleet.
During the conversation, Mehmet Sekmen cited that the oppressive U.S. sanctions against the Iranian people must be lifted
Referring to the letter of the mayor of Tabriz to the world assemblies about the necessity of lifting the oppressive U.S. sanctions, the mayor of Erzurum said: "The oppressive U.S. sanctions against the Iranian nation must be lifted and we are along with the great people of Iran in this regard."
He later added that the two cities of Tabriz and Erzurum have great capacities. Therefore, the cooperation between them should be increased."
Referring to the sisterhood contract of Tabriz and Erzurum, Erzurum mayor said that this potential should be utilized to increase the number of tourists between the two cities after eradicating and controlling coronavirus.
Following the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the virus, Erzurum citizens are only allowed to commute in the city with permission of the municipal officials, Sekmen said.
Explaining the measures taken by Erzurum Municipality, he stressed on the need of transferring experiences between the two sides in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, saying: "We are making our great efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus and prevent the increase of infected people”.
At the end, the mayors of Erzurum and Tabriz invited each other to visit their cities after the end of the Coronavirus era.

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