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Date : 2020 Tuesday 21 Apr     |     Code : 326

The letter of Tabriz Mayor to secretaries general of world organizations

Tabriz Metropolis Mayor issued the letter to secretaries general of WCS Mayors Forum and Metropolis, UCLG-MEWA, OICC, OWH, LHC organizations on taking serious steps and paving the way to tackle the obstacles of fighting against coronavirus disease.
While expressing his heartfelt greetings from Tabriz, the mayor stated that as you are well informed, the dangerous Coronavirus has transmitted from a person to someone else and from a city to another one, infected “the global village”, threatened the safety of the citizens extremely and intensified the humankind agitation. Islamic republic of Iran is among the countries on the frontline of fight against the threats of this sinister phenomenon. Its citizens like the citizens of the other infected countries to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the world are engaged with the challenge of life and death and families lose a number of their dear members due to this fatal disease.
Later he reiterated that in spite of the plans and overwhelming efforts of the health ministry of our country, resulting in the loss of several medical-scope staff, Tabriz people like the other citizens of the other cities of Islamic republic of Iran, due to the unfair and bullying sanctions of the U.S. administration against Iranians, are facing numerous hardships and difficulties and are in dire straits accessing the sanitation and treatment facilities .Hence, the human casualties are increasing in this spot of the earthy globe.
“This country’s people, as a consequence of their divine beliefs, disobeying colonialism policies and defending their rights and trying to defend the rights of the other oppressed citizens of the global village, have been banned by the American hegemonic governors. Unfortunately, some governments in the world obey such cruel policies of the American governors and prevent the easy access of the Iranian citizens to the requirements of the health security scope, “he said.
Shahin Baher further cited that in parallel with lifting the barriers, resulting from the illegal and anti-humanity sanctions of the United States administration, counted as war crime in the current tough conditions, you as a respected secretary general, and the other members of this organization are kindly requested to please take serious steps and pave the way, accessing Iranian people to the easy and cheap facilities and equipment of health and sanitation scope to fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and help Tabriz and the other cities survive the brutal limits and obstacles. Undoubtedly, these contributions will stabilize brotherhood among all the humans, belonging to different religions, sects and ethnic groups in the world scene.
In his other remarks, he noted that it seems that the will of the managers of the world cities can place this hegemonic government on the bases and foundation of human rights via applying the pressure on the incompatibilities of the U.S. administration in disrupting the joined vision of the humans.
Finally, he said, “We wish and try to contribute to the formation of the joined vision of the human communities in the ground of rights and bilateral trust in the long-period, coherent and integrated action based on human values such as right and justice and we hope all the humans can pass this hard step healthily”.

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