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Date : 2020 Sunday 19 Jan     |     Code : 324

We are ready to use Belarus cities’ experiences, Tabriz mayor

In a meeting with Saeid Yari, the newly- elected ambassador of Iran to Belarus, Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz, stated that Tabriz as one of the significant cities of Iran and the excellence hub of economy and industry of the country enjoys the renowned producing brands such as carpet and shoe.
Referring to the role of the foreign relations in the tourism development and mobility of the urban economy, He later reiterated that Tabriz and Belarus cities can provide facilities and take proper measurements bilaterally to attract tourists.
Shahin Baher further stated that sisterhood contract should be paid more attention and both sides can make best efforts to boost the relations in this direction.
Tabriz mayor asked for the activation of the tourism companies and noted that they have provided the required actions and conditions for Belarus tourism companies.
Regarding that knowledge and experiences transfer is necessary for the cities’ development, he finally stressed out that the Tabriz and Belarus municipal managers can share mutual successful experiences in various fields.

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