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Date : 2019 Tuesday 31 Dec     |     Code : 323

Erzurum and Isfahan cultural nights held in Tabriz: Saeid Hajizadeh

Saeid Hajizadeh, general manager of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality, referring to the great efforts in introducing Tabriz tourism capacities inside and outside the country, said that the initial agreements have been made to hold Erzurum and Isfahan cultural nights in Tabriz.
On the sidelines of the cultural and literary ceremony held in Erzurum, Hajizadeh said:” Tabriz is a historical and cultural city, whose tourism capacities have not been well-presented in the country and worldwide. Admittedly, since the election of Tabriz as the tourism capital of the Islamic countries in 2018, Tabriz introducing to the world was further expanded.
Later in his remarks, he reiterated that in the international arena, they are trying to organize various cultural and artistic programs in Tabriz sister cities to attract foreign tourists, one of which was Tabriz cultural night in Erzurum, welcomed by Erzurum citizens.

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