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Date : 2019 Tuesday 24 Dec     |     Code : 322

Deputy Mayor of Tabriz meets with vice mayor of Erzurum

In a meeting with Fevzi Polat, vice mayor of Erzurum, Hojat-ol-eslam Hamidi, the social and cultural deputy of Tabriz municipality emphasized on strengthening economic and cultural relations between two cities.
"Tabriz is ready to host and interact more in exhibitions, literary, cultural and artistic events in Erzurum," Hojat-ol-eslam Hamidi said.
Touching on the cultural and religious commonalities of Tabriz and Erzurum, he stated that Tabriz has inked sisterhood and friendly -cooperation contracts with 12 cities of the world and asked for more interactions between two sister cities.
During the meeting, Fevzi Polat, vice mayor of Erzurum, referring to the long history of Erzurum with Tabriz, cited that Tabriz gate (Tabriz Qapisi), one of the gates of Erzurum in the past, is a tourism attraction now.
Later in his remarks, he hoped that Tabriz and Erzurum would enjoy closer interactions in the economic and cultural fields in the near future and two sides’ investors can invest in various grounds.

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