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Date : 2019 Saturday 21 Dec     |     Code : 321

There are significant investment opportunities in Tabriz: Iranian ambassador to Armenia

In a meeting with Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri, the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia, Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, stated that Tabriz is ready to expand its relations with the other countries.
Pointing to Tabriz readiness in holding cultural weeks, Shahin Baher stated that Tabriz tourism attractions should be globally introduced.
He emphasized that Tabriz has always been the economic hub of the country during its many thousand year history, referring to 750- year history of Tabriz roofed Bazaar with one million square meters which is active and dynamic, attracting numerous tourists worldwide.
Iraj Shahin Bahr noted that the number of hotels and tourism infrastructures increased after the splendid event of “Tabriz 2018” and now the number is rising to attract tourists from various countries.
He called handicrafts as another attraction for tourists to Tabriz and continued that Tabriz leather, shoes and handmade carpets are one among the most important handicrafts in Tabriz, which should be introduced more to the world.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia, on his part, referring to important investment capacities in Tabriz, said: We are ready to cooperate in organizing an exhibition to introduce these capacities in Yerevan.
Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri meeting with the mayor and chairman of Tabriz city council said:” Tabriz is a large and historic city that has important investment, tourism and industrial capacities and should identify these capabilities in order to introduce them in different countries, especially Armenia, which shares a common border with the Islamic Republic of Iran”.
He continued that Tabriz is a cultural city that this great culture should be introduced worldwide and in this regard to attract tourists and investors should remove barriers.
The Iranian ambassador to Armenia reiterated that Tabriz has many tourism attractions, attracting Armenian tourists by strengthening these capacities.
Zohouri announced his readiness to host exhibitions in Tabriz in Armenia and said:” These exhibitions help to make people know Tabriz more”.
He said that many Armenians do not have enough knowledge of Tabriz. Consequently, introducing Tabriz attractions properly can increase the number of Armenian tourists entering Tabriz.
He also referred to “Tabriz 2018” event, in which Tabriz was the tourism capital of Islamic countries, held splendidly and stated that many good things happened well after that year in Tabriz and East Azarbaijan province. “This process must continue, “he said.
"Non-oil exports and tourism play a significant role in sanctions time, and we need to focus on the important tourism industry and provide the opportunity to attract foreign tourists," Zohouri said.

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