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Date : 2019 Monday 16 Dec     |     Code : 320

Tabriz mayor meets the spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs

In a meeting with Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi, Tabriz mayor requested the revival of consulates in Tabriz, pointing to the precious commercial and economic history of Tabriz in the days of yore and necessity of its connection with the other cities. In this regard, Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz said:” there were seven consulates in Tabriz in the past but, there are only two active consulates in Tabriz and this number is not in line with the history of Tabriz foreign relations”. 

In order to export carpet and handicrafts of Tabriz such as leather and shoes to the other countries, the mayor said that there should be a convenient and effective way.
Elsewhere in his remarks, while referring to the activation of direct flights to Hamburg, Istanbul and Dubai as well as the possibility of issuing a digital visa at Tabriz International Airport, mayor asked for foreign ministry’s more cooperation to operate new flight lines.
 “Tabriz tourism potentials and cultural and artistic capacities may play the major role in cultural programs of foreign ministry”, mayor said.
At the end of his remarks, He asked for facilitating visa issuance procedure via licensing visa agents in Tabriz.

Speaking in a meeting with Tabriz mayor, Mousavi, on his part, said: "Tabriz has a prominent place in the history of our country and is one of the leading areas in the country's cultural, social and political issues”.
Regarding that the Iranian Foreign Ministry prioritizes developing relations with neighboring countries; Spokesman announced his great efforts to introduce Tabriz cultural and economic potentials to the world.
During the meeting with Tabriz Mayor, Abbas Mousavi said that his presence and familiarization with this important metropolis of Iran, was his privilege. “Tabriz is a city with special stance in the hearts and souls of all of Iranians” he said.
Referring to his meeting with the Mayor of Tabriz, Iraj Shahin Baher, Mousavi added that during his talks with the esteemed Mayor of Tabriz, he was closely acquainted with the various activities of Tabriz Metropolitan Municipality and visited the Tabriz City Museum, which was really impressive.
Referring to the effective position of Tabriz among the major cities of the country, he said: “Tabriz has a special place among Iranian metropolis and has a very high capacity to introduce itself to the world .
Commenting on the proposal of the mayor of Tabriz on establishing and reviving some of the former consulates in Tabriz, he said:” Foreign Ministry certainly welcomes it and is ready to follow its legal procedures”.

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