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Date : 2019 Saturday 23 Nov     |     Code : 319

Tabriz and Baku Municipalities ink Joint MOU on exchange of experiences: Iran's Ambassador to Azerbaijan

In a meeting with the Ambassador of Iran to Azerbaijan Republic, Dr.Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz announced Tabriz readiness to play an active role on expanding relations between the two countries and reiterated that the mutual capacities should be considered for two sides’ benefits”.
During the meeting, mayor of Tabriz called for holding Tabriz cultural week in Baku and said that Tabriz-made products will be presented in the form of a traditional Bazaar in the event.
The mayor, posing the issue of holding cultural week, cited that such event can be regarded in different formats such as music, street theater, calligraphy, industry, etc.
Later in his remarks, Shahin Baher, referring to the necessity of attracting tourists from Republic of Azerbaijan to Tabriz, reminded that in spite of the recent various developments of Baku in urban fields, Tabriz has always been "Tabriz" for Baku people. “In this regard, we have to put this interest into action to make Tabriz as a tourist destination for the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan,” Shahin Baher said.
He noted the 70% increase in the domestic tourism this summer in Tabriz, and said that Tabriz has always been introduced as an economic city rather than a tourism one and stressed out that “Tabriz 2018” was a good opportunity to pay attention to the tourism sector of Tabriz.
In another part of his remarks, the mayor of Tabriz stated that in order to familiarize Tabriz municipality managers with the Baku municipal management system, educational workshops and the other plans could be held to share bilateral experiences.
He finally noted that Azerbaijan Republic is a friendly and neighboring country for Tabriz and its numerous experiences in the social, cultural, municipal grounds can be localized in Tabriz.

During the meeting, Javad Jahangirzadeh, Iranian Ambassador in Azerbaijan, on his part said that the terms of the agreement signing on joint cooperation and exchange of experiences between Baku municipality and Tabriz would be posed and finalized in the joint commission.
The ambassador later stated that the fundraising, expanding urban spaces, removing marginalization and urban beautification can be regarded as the results of this MOU.
Pointing to the holding of cultural week of Tabriz in Baku, Jahangirzadeh reminded that the traditional form of Tabriz Bazaar might be established in Baku and highly qualified products offered in this respect.
He further named Iran as a tourist destination for 40% of the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan and added meanwhile, Tabriz can be considered as a cradle of civilization and a pioneer in urban development.
He finally requested all the organs and related groups to make their great efforts to pave the way for holding Tabriz cultural week in Baku splendidly.

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