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Date : 2019 Wednesday 02 Oct     |     Code : 312

Tabriz, the best destination for Azerbaijan Republic’s tourists, Tabriz mayor

Tabriz Mayor, Iraj Shahin Baher, met with Bunyad Huseynov, the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tabriz Municipality edifice and talked about the various grounds of cooperation between the two sides.
Emphasizing on the necessity of expanding the bilateral relations, Shahin Baher reiterated that both Tabriz and Azarbaijan cities enjoy proper capacities in different areas, including tourism, treatment, medicine and urbanization to name a few . Hence, both cities should create opportunities, invest and share their mutual experiences in this regard.
Referring to the cultural, religious and linguistic commonalities between Azerbaijan’s cities and Tabriz, Shahin Baher stated that Tabriz can be regarded as the best destination for this country’s tourists.
“Unfortunately, no fundamental measures and actions have been taken so far, “he said.
He later added that proper planning is required to introduce bilateral tourism capacities and hoped that over half of foreign tourists attending Tabriz will be from Republic of Azerbaijan.
Expressing Tabriz municipality’s readiness for cooperation in this way, he pointed that his command’s organization is willing to be the host of representatives of tourism agencies of Azerbaijan Republic in Tabriz.
Emphasizing on that plenty of visitors coming to Tabriz are for medicine, he hoped to pave the way in the other sections to see the tourists in Tabriz for recreational goals.
Later Shahin Baher continued that over 4800 kinds of products are produced in East Azarbaijan province. Hence, supplying such products can be regarded as the precious opportunity for both sides to enhance ties.

The ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan on his pert asked for more cooperation and interactions between Tabriz and cities of Azerbaijan and expressed his enthusiasm to provide the facilities and conditions to achieve the pre-planned programs.
Referring to the cultural capacities and commonalities of Iran and Azerbaijan, Bunyad Huseynov expressed hope that two countries expand bilateral economic and trade relations by taking the advantages of the business opportunities and capabilities of economic activists.
Emphasizing that the presidents of the two countries have met 12 times in the recent years to enhance mutual relations, Azerbaijan’s ambassador noted that both sides have taken effective steps to expand relations and Iran and Azerbaijan should utilize the capacities in the private sector to develop relations.
The most important factor in the development of export is the road and transport sector, he added, saying that Iran and Azerbaijan’s transit cooperation will promote the export capacities of two countries.
“40 percent of goods in transit between Iran and Azarbaijan is handled via East Azarbaijan province Customs, indicating the significance of this province in the development of two countries, “ambassador said.
Expressing his gratitude for Tabriz citizens’ hospitality, he expressed that appropriate behavior of police, judges with people of Azerbaijan Republic plays the major role in the mutual relations.
Inviting the mayor of Tabriz to visit Baku and Ganja, Huseynov finally stated that cities of Azerbaijan Republic have been developed in the last 2 decades and are ready to transfer these experiences to Tabriz Municipality.

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