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Date : 2019 Thursday 22 Aug     |     Code : 308

Tabriz can be a proper destination for South African Tourists, Tabriz mayor

In a meeting with Mr. Vika Mazwi Khumalo, honorable ambassador
of South Africa to Iran, while citing the characteristics of Tabriz, Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz stated that due to the history, climate privilege and cultural features, Tabriz city can be regarded as the proper destination for South African Tourists.
Expressing Tabriz municipality’s readiness to create required infrastructures for the expansion of ties between Tabriz and South Africa, mayor said that Tabriz can play the role of axis between tourists of Iran and South Africa.
Later in his remarks, Shahin Baher touched on the gravity of Tabriz in the sphere of handicrafts, particularly in the carpet industry; this city has been selected as the capital of hand-woven carpet in the world.
Besides, Iraj Shahin Baher stress out that Tabriz is the economic excellence hub of the country and South Africa can benefit such potential to expand its relations with Iran. “Tabriz Tractor manufacturing company is also one of the factories which has cooperated with South Africa in the past years and it is hoped that this cooperation will be boosted in different areas in the coming years,” he said.
Noting that Tabriz municipality is ready to expand its cultural, economic and tourism ties with one of South African cities, Tabriz mayor cited that  Tabriz as one of the most historical cities in Iran is ready to ink sisterhood contract  with one of South African different cities whose features are close to Tabriz.
“Signing bilateral contract may lead to sharing experiences such as urban management field and the other scopes, Shahin Baher said.
He finally reiterated that Tabriz enjoys economically viable investment opportunities that South African investors can invest and benefit.
Vika Mazwi Khumalo stated that in his one- day visit to Tabriz industries found out that Tabriz and South Africa can expand bilateral relations in various grounds, particularly tourism development.
Welcoming Tabriz mayor’s proposal on inking sisterhood contract between Tabriz and one of the cities of South Africa, the ambassador noted that required studies and arrangements will be conducted in the embassy and a proper city will be introduced
He later pointed to the history of Tabriz and its industries and added that Tabriz is an economically capable city in Iran.
Calling tourism as a significant field in the world, Khumalo stressed out that all the related companies are invited to participate in the annual South African Tourism Fair.
“I personally invite Tabriz tourism companies to please attend in 2020 exhibition in South Africa,” he said.
Later in his talks with the mayor of Tabriz, he referred to the background of Iran and South Africa and state that Tabriz municipality is kindly requested to arrange a specialized economic forum to discuss about two sides’ opportunities in plenty of scopes.


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