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Date : 2019 Wednesday 21 Aug     |     Code : 307

The 10th Int’l Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation inaugurates in Tabriz

With the participation of 10 countries aimed at the preservation of historical texture in the Eurasian region, the 10th International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation kicked off in Tabriz on Tuesday.
In the opening ceremony, Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz, cited that the 10th International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation in Euro-Asian Corridor intends to link between tradition and modernity as well as modern development of the cities and conserve the historical texture.
“In many developing cities, the conservation of historical texture is considered as a big problem and usually in the development of the city, the old historical textures are counted as worn- out ones and changed into new textures with modern approach,” Shahin Baher said.
Mayor also noted that experts, researchers from Japan, China, Russia, France, Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and Armenia attend the summit and later added that the final conference will be held on August 30, with presentation of papers.
He elsewhere reiterated that in the first eight days of the forum, workshops and field works in parts of the historical and ancient texture of Tabriz are held by survey groups in the form of professors and students in specified areas such as reviving Sahebabad Square and protecting the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz as the world’s largest roofed market.
Mayor finally emphasized that the forum tries to help urban managers to keep the precious historical textures, forming the identity of the cities like Tabriz, as valuable global heritage while seeking for urban modern development.
Karim Hosseinzadeh-Dalir, the scientific secretary of the forum for his part noted that Tabriz was on the Silk Road linking the East to the West and one of the major cities on the road.
One of the most famous cities in the Silk Road was Tabriz, but with the decline of administrative and political conditions in Asian countries, the road lost its validity.
Holding scientific meetings and presentation of articles will be conducted in the next two days of the forum.
The forum will seek to revive greatness of Silk Road as well as the cities located on the road.
A total number of 300 articles have so far been submitted to the secretariat of the forum, of which three or four have been selected by the jury for presentation.
Topics for discussion during the event include reducing risk coefficient of the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz, reviving some sections of Silk Road, management of energy in the city and urban development from tourism perspective.
The 10th International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation co-convened by the architectural institute of Japan (AIJ) is taking place in Tabriz, Iran from 19-30 August 2019. Thanks to the kind hosting by East Azarbaijan cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts organization, East Azarbaijan local government, Tabriz municipality and Tabriz university. This conference and forum is supported by center of architecture and urban planning of Persian seismic retrofitting institute.
Since 2009, AIJ has tried to upgrade its strategy toward the implementation of the methodology already acquired through past activities. The establishment of a Policy Forum on the basis of the existing platform is its new direction, gathering concerned institutions from respective countries. In 2010, The First International Policy Forum took place in Istanbul as a joint venue by Istanbul Metropolitan Planning (IMP) and AIJ, gathering more than hundred participants from all the concerned countries in Europe and Asia. The Second Forum was planned in Japan, scheduled to be held in Tsukuba in September 2011, but due to the unexpected earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, the forum was cancelled. After successful organization of 9th international policy forum and conference in Samara and Moscow on 2017, AIJ has now planning to organize next program with more encouraging vision for strengthening the collaboration among the partners and with more detailed scientific and policy-oriented approach in Tabriz, Iran.

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