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Date : 2019 Sunday 07 Jul     |     Code : 298

Saeid Hajizadeh, Advertising and Information Committee takes widespread measures for Int’l Carpet Fair

Saeid Hajizadeh, general manager of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality, stated that upon the command of the mayor, Head office of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality as the advertising and Information Committee of Int’l Carpet Fair has made its best and provided all the perquisite facilities and actions in holding the exhibition splendidly.
He further added that the design of the bilingual exhibition website for registering exhibitors and presenting exhibition’s news and information to enthusiasts is one of the activities of this office for the exhibition.
Pointing to the start of registration to participate in the exhibition, Hajizadeh reiterated that the interested people can refer to www.icf.tabriz.ir to register the pavilion and get more information in this regard.
Enjoying the potentials of Tabriz sister cities including Baku and Ganja (Azerbaijan), Istanbul and Erzurum (Turkey), Mogilev (Belarus) in the Int’l sphere is counted among the other strides of the advertising committee for ICF.
He elsewhere in his remarks cited that the needed coordination and arrangements have been made with 16 domestic metropolises to install the billboards and posters of the exhibition to inform the respected fellowmen to please attend in the fair.
He later pointed to the teasers ads in 6 languages, to be broadcasted in the universal networks and urban televisions.
It’s worth mentioning that the first international hand-woven carpet exhibition will be held at the Tabriz International Fair from 31 Jul-4 Aug, 2019.

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