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Date : 2019 Sunday 30 Jun     |     Code : 296

UNICEF Representative in Iran: a “Child-Friendly City”, a Healthy and Potent City

In a specialized forum held in Tabriz municipality for turning Tabriz into a child-friendly city, Dr. Will Parks, UNICEF Iran Representative stated that in the child friendly cities, the participation of children is counted as one of the basic elements and they are our advisors
Later in his remarks, Parks requested the adults to listen to the children with much more attention. “Gathering the children’s ideas and changing them into the comprehensive urban plans can make Tabriz be regarded as the pioneer city among the child friendly cities in the world, “he said
He also continued that all the children should access to the urban services without considering their families’ income and social positions
Emphasizing on the gravity of plan of “Child-Friendly City” for growing children’s initiatives, he stated that the aim of such plans is to maximize the creativity of the children with the cooperation of the Tabriz mayor, Islamic council of the city and the other organizations
Mayor of Tabriz, Iraj Shahin Baher, on his part said that Tabriz city enjoys historical backgrounds for being turned into a child-friendly city
He welcomed UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) proposal for turning Tabriz into a child-friendly city and added, “Tabriz enjoys necessary bedrocks in historical terms for materializing objectives of such proposal”
He made the remarks in a specialized meeting to study opportunities of joining Tabriz to the initiation of child-friendly cities in the presence of UNICEF representative to the Islamic Republic of Iran and added, “child-friendly city is deep rooted in this land and territory”
“Tabriz urban management system also has tried to construct welfare amenities that can be delightful for children and young adults,” the mayor added
Suitable welfare amenities should be provided for children in order to have fun without presence of their parents, he said, adding, “We believe that future and development of cities depend on their children, so that investment should be made as of the earliest stage of childhood with a focus on educating and training children”

As a pilot city, Tabriz has started implementing “Citizenship Education Plan” from childhood in a way that 81 schools with 21 titles of books were taught last year (ended March 21, 2019) in line with child-based objectives, the mayor emphasized
The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was established in the first United Nations General Assembly meeting on 11 December 1946 to help the children affected by World War II and to provide them with food, medicines and clothes. Today, UNICEF is the largest international organization that deals with children’s issues and works in more than 190 countries in the field of health and nutrition, education, protection and access to equal opportunities for all children. UNICEF collaborates with a range of governmental authorities, civil society organizations, religious leaders, academia, and private-sector groups
Crucially, UNICEF’s work is supported by voluntary contributions from governments and private donors, trusts and foundations from every corner of the globe

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