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Date : 2019 Tuesday 11 Jun     |     Code : 291

The 1st Int’l hand-woven carpet fair poster unveiled in Tabriz

With the attendance of governor general of East Azerbaijan province, president of Islamic council of Tabriz, Tabriz mayor and participation of a number of carpet manufacturers and tradesmen, the poster of 1st Int’l hand-woven carpet fair was unveiled in the splendid ceremony  at the hall of the governorate of East Azerbaijan
The first international hand-made carpet exhibition will be held at the Tabriz International Fair from 31 Jul-4 Aug, 2019. The exquisite and unique hand-knotted carpets are expected to be exhibited to domestic and foreign guests and visitors
On the sidelines of the ceremony, Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz, while touching on the gravity of preserving Tabriz carpet as the precious heritage, stated that The 1st Int’l hand-woven carpet fair may introduce such delicate art to the world visitors
“Tabriz Carpet is a vibrantly-colored tableau, created by the dexterous hands of an artistic nation, representing their emotive art through the warp and woof of the carpets, “the mayor said
Later in his remarks, Shahin Baher stated that all the related organs make their great efforts to hold the fair annually and continuously in Tabriz


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