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Date : 2019 Wednesday 08 May     |     Code : 282

Tabriz municipality holds Tabriz cultural week in Hamburg

While discussing on the holding procedure of Tabriz cultural week in Hamburg in the investment commission and boosting job opportunities of Tabriz Islamic council, Rasoul Mousaei, Tabriz vice mayor, stated that the main goal of this issue must be to inke the sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Hamburg.
Pointing to the relationship background of Tabriz and Hamburg and the valuable strides taken in the past in this regard, he stressed out that sisterhood contract may improve bilateral relations as sharing experiences in various grounds between two sides.
Emphasizing on the use of all the potentials in holding such a splendid cultural week, vice mayor said:” all the experts and specialists should be counted in this event and not be limited to the municipality of Tabriz.”
 “In this program, introducing Tabriz to the citizens of Hamburg is among significant issues planned to be accomplished. Thus, engaged authorities and organs should make their great efforts to realize this aim,” Mousaei cited.
In his final remarks, Mousaei expressed Tabriz municipality’s readiness on establishing secretariat and mobilizing all the sections in holding the event admirably.

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