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Date : 2019 Tuesday 23 Apr     |     Code : 276

The 1st Int’l Conference of Tourism Jurisprudence held in Tabriz

Under the auspices of Tabriz municipality and attendance of researchers from 50 different countries of the world, The 1st Int’l Conference of Tourism Jurisprudence is held on 24-25 Apr, 2019 in Tabriz.
The conference will be held aiming at presenting the present potentials of Tabriz on the topic of Islamic tourism for various nationalities, and the presence of 300 researchers of Islamic tourism and Halal tourism in Tabriz is a new and influential action in this field. Besides, a number of domestic scholars attend the conference as well.
The International Conference on Tourist Jurisprudence (Fiqh) is held in six scientific axes, in which 250 papers, both internal and external, sent to the secretariat of the conference, are to be judged by 50 university and seminary (hawza) judges.
Hojatoleslam Ghorbani, Scientific Secretary of the conference, referring to the objectives of the conference, said: "This conference will examine various aspects of the legal and juridical issues of tourism in order to find the right scientific and administrative solutions to overcome obstacles in tourism section.
“We try to analyze the challenges and solutions of Islamic and Halal tourism in the specialized and technical commissions” Hojatoleslam Ghorbani stated.

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