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Date : 2019 Monday 22 Apr     |     Code : 275

Clean Transport Committee set up in Tabriz

With the aim of analyzing the strategy of developing methods of clean transportation in the city of Tabriz, creating the required infrastructures and avoiding increasing traffic and pollution and its consequences, managing director of Transportation and Traffic Organization of Tabriz Municipality Transport and Traffic Organization announced on the establishing of a clean transport committee and said that authorities should contribute in some ways to create social happiness.
Later in his remarks, A’di Beig reiterated that the committee intends to develop clean transport, particularly in the development of bike lanes and Bicycle-sharing systems.
He also added that all officials should share in creating social vitality. Accordingly, encouraging officials and citizens to cycling can be a good platform for increasing social happiness.
Managing director of Tabriz Municipality’s Transportation and Traffic Organization, referring to the first meeting of the Clean Transport Committee, said: "Updating the comprehensive urban study plan, initiating studies on creating bicycle paths, examining the creation of bicycle routes on the way from El -Goli to the cable bridge And 29 Bahman Blvd, interacting with the municipalities of the 10 regions to facilitate and extend bicycle paths, studying the creation of bicycle paths in parks with  appropriate potentials and providing bikes in parking lots were among approvals in the first meeting of the Clean Transport Committee.

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