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Date : 2019 Saturday 13 Apr     |     Code : 272

Laleh Park

Tabriz is one of the main cities of Iran, especially the west side of Iran. It is the biggest city in northwestern Iran. It is the economic, industrial, cultural, and military center of northwest of Iran.
On the occasion of arrival of Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and its coincidence with spring nature, you are all invited to visit Tabriz, the city of Firsts and Pioneers and get familiar with its outstanding cultural, historical, tourism and natural attractions of Tabriz. Let’s take a walk in Laleh Park Shopping Center.
Tabriz’s Laleh Park is the first shopping center of brands in the country.
The Laleh Park is constructed in an area of 26500 mand the square footage of the building is 91550 m2.  The project is located in the fifth region of Tabriz’s municipality.   
An entertainment center and a five star rating hotel are attached to the shopping center.
Given to its large area, various utilizations and also its access to the highway system the Laleh Park is considered as a worthwhile project in Tabriz.
The trade center of the Laleh Park includes a collection of various goods and brands of clothing, shoes and bags, jewelry, sporting goods, home appliances, video and audio appliances, restaurants and coffee shops, bank and other services.  

 Facilities and advantages:
The Laleh Park Complex enjoys of 126 shops, hyper market in an area of 5300 m2, kids play ground with an area of 1400 m2, 70 Restrooms,for men, women, and persons with disabilities are.
The complex also has outdoors and indoors parking lots with a capacity of 1200 cars. It has special room for kids’ services and feeding babies. It has 12 escalators, four electric ramps and first aid rooms in each floor. 

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