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Date : 2019 Thursday 11 Apr     |     Code : 271

Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the main cities of Iran, especially the west side of Iran. It is the biggest city in northwestern Iran. It is the economic, industrial, cultural, and military center of northwest of Iran.
On the occasion of arrival of Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and its coincidence with spring nature, you are all invited to visit Tabriz, the city of Firsts and Pioneers and get familiar with its outstanding cultural, historical, tourism and natural attractions of Tabriz. Let’s take a walk in Jameh Mosque of Tabriz (Friday mosque of Tabriz).
History of Jameh Mosque of Tabriz
Jameh Mosque of Tabriz is an ancient mansion that dates back to Seljuq Dynasty. In 1931, it has been registered as a national heritage site. It is in a place where is surrounded completely by Bazaar of Tabriz. Jameh Mosque of Tabriz is also known as Jomeh Mosque (Friday Mosque), Tabriz Central Mosque, and Kabiri Jameh Mosque. It is considered to be one of the oldest historical mansions in Tabriz. The construction of the mansion dates back to Seljuq era. Unfortunately, due to the earthquake in 1814, some parts of this historical mosque including some arches were destructed. But in the Qajar era, Hoseingholi Khan Donbali ordered the renovation of the mosque. In 1676, Haj Taleb Khan Tabrizi the founder of Tabriz Talebie School called this mosque as “Kabir Jameh Mosque”. They were some renovations in the Qajar Era and also in recent years by different people. Haj Mohammad Bagher Kalkate is considered as the main founder of the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz. He has constructed a suitable library specifically for religious studies. Long arches and very big bricks and thick pillars are an evidence of the long history and archaism of this mansion.
Architecture of Jameh Mosque of Tabriz
As said above, we cannot specifically determine the exact time of mansion construction. Due to the architectural technicians’ studies, it seems that it firstly functioned as a praying room. But through times it had changed massively. Most of the archaeologists believe that the style and the constructions principles are driven from the Firouzabad Palace construction principles. The mansion length is 62 meters. The middle part of the mosque consists of a long and wide arch. At the end of the mosque, there is a simple Mihrab made of marble. The Mihrab is designed in a spiral pattern.  It is a combination of simplicity and unique art. Renovations were made in the early Qajar kingdom. The simplicity and the great decorations are the features of this mansion.
The Friday mosque of Tabriz, sometimes considered as one of mosques of early Islam, was registered as number 171 in the list of Iran's national relics in 1931 due to its historical- religious importance.  


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