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Date : 2019 Sunday 07 Apr     |     Code : 268

Iron Age museum

Located in the northwestern part of Iran, East Azerbaijan province, Tabriz is the heart of Azerbaijan, the head, the symbol and the economy hub of Iran and the main connection path between two important continents, Asia and Europe, the capital of Islamic countries, and the glorious land.
On the occasion of arrival of Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and its coincidence with spring nature, you are all invited to visit Tabriz, the city of Firsts and Pioneers and get familiar with its outstanding cultural, historical, tourism and natural attractions of Tabriz. Let’s take a walk in Iron Age museum.
Located on Imam St. in the vicinity of Kabud Mosque, Iron Age muse dates back to Iron ages 2 and 3, 1st millennium BC. The site consists of a cemetery, potteries related to Iron Age, some skeletons, jewelries, objects and…
The place was discovered through the archeological excavations of the Blue Mosque in 1997. Due to some pre-historical remains, residence history of the place is thought to be 1500 B.C in gray clay civilization.

Through the reconstruction of the Blue Mosque, in 1997 the remains of this pre-historical cemetery have been discovered. These remains are related to Iron Ages II and III, the end of the second millennium and early first millennium BC, which includes several skeletons, jewelry, adorned machinery, equipment, etc.  All bodies are buried in the fetal shape facing the sun.
38 graves have been found in this site in which children have been buried with their toys, women with their jewelry and men with their tools of war. Earthen dishes and food remainders were found near some corpses which solidifies the possibility of them being sun worshipers. The corpses surrounded by more dishes probably belong to richer people.
 These findings prove that Tabriz has a rich residence history as old as at least 4500 years. Today, the site named as Iron Age museum, is visited by all people interested in the history & civilization of Iran and the globe.

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