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Date : 2019 Wednesday 27 Mar     |     Code : 264

Heidarzadeh house

Tabriz, the heart of Azerbaijan, the head ,the symbol and the economy hub of Iran and the main connection path between two important continents, Asia and Europe, the capital of Islamic countries , the GLORIOUS land .
On the occasion of arrival of Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and its coincidence with spring nature, you are all invited to visit Tabriz, the city of Firsts and Pioneers and get familiar with its outstanding cultural, historical, tourism and natural attractions of Tabriz. Let’s take a walk in Heidarzadeh house.
Heidarzadeh house in suburb of historical Tabriz, Magsoudiyeh, is one of the important buildings of this neighborhood which is located on south side of Tabriz municipality building.
There aren’t any verifiable documents to estimate the date of construction of this house; however, according to studies, the house was constructed about 130 years ago by Haj Habib Lak.
It covers an area of 900 square meters and has two floors. The house has two interior and exterior yards which are separated by house.

In the basement, there is a Howz-Khaneh (a large room with a small pool with a fountain in the middle) ornamented with colorful bricks and vault. Other parts of the house are connected together through a hall. The building was ornamented with wooden-worked windows (called Orosey), stuccoes, colorful glasses, brick works and paintings. The main room (Shah neshin) is one of the most attractive rooms of the house.
This building was listed in the historical map of Tabriz (map of Dar-Al-Saltaneh) in 1918 with Haj Goli Khan Brigadier general Name.
The most accurate available information, other than aerial maps of 1956 and 1966, are the maps which were prepared in 1991.
Heidarzadeh house, relying on historical and architectural values, was registered in the list of national tourism sites of Iran in 1999.


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