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Date : 2019 Wednesday 27 Mar     |     Code : 263

Defa (Defense) Blvd and Shohadaye Artesh (Army martyrs) St inaugurates

In a splendid ceremony with the attendance of Hojatoleslam Al-Hashem, the representative of supreme leader of Islamic revolution (Vilayat-e Faqih) and Friday Imam in East Azerbaijan, governor of East Azerbaijan province, mayor of Tabriz , a number of Islamic council of Tabriz city and the other civilian and military forces, Defa (Defense) Blvd and Shohadaye Artesh (Army martyrs) Stcoincidentally were operated .
Addressing the attendees in this ceremony, Davood Talebnezhad , mayor of district3, while appreciating all the organs and staff in completing Shohadaye Artesh (Army martyrs) St reiterated that this street is the first street in its kind and “in order to reduce the amount of costs, just municipality’s domestic facilities and forces have been used,” he said.
The street of martyrs of the Army with a length of 500 meters and a width of 50 meters and enjoying amenities such as bicycle line, drinking water, walking paths, green spaces and suitable urban furniture were implemented and operated during one year.
With the presence of Tabriz mayor and members of Islamic council of Tabriz city Defa (Defense) Blvd coincidentally with Shohadaye Artesh inaugurated.

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