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Date : 2019 Thursday 21 Mar     |     Code : 256

The Municipality Edifice of Tabriz

Tabriz, the heart of Azerbaijan, the head ,the symbol and the economy hub of Iran and the main connection path between two important continents, Asia and Europe, the capital of Islamic countries , the GLORIOUS land .
On the occasion of arrival of Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and its coincidence with spring nature, you are all invited to visit Tabriz, the city of Firsts and Pioneers and get familiar with its outstanding cultural, historical, tourism and natural attractions of Tabriz. Let’s take a walk in Tabriz Municipality Edifice.
The Municipality Edifice of Tabriz, considered as symbol of municipality of Iran, located on Sa’at Square of Tabriz, is one of the most beautiful picturesque and firm buildings of Tabriz.
This edifice , as the prominent building of all Iranian city halls, was founded (with the cost of 250000 Tomeans in 4 years) upon command of Arfa’-ol Molk Jalili (the mayor of Tabriz in that era) under supervision of German engineers on German architecture before world war I in 1907. Its façade is as a flying eagle.

This unique place, also known as the symbol of Tabriz metropolis in Iran and globe, has always served as a city hall to govern municipal affairs.  Therefore, the building became the first municipal museum of Iran in 2007(simultaneous with celebrations of 100'Th anniversary of opening of municipal activities in Iran). The museum is unique in its type after municipal museum of China.
Among brilliant features of the place, beside its firmness and strength ever after 8 decades of its establishment, its clock tower of 30.5 meters ringing every 15 minutes is one of the attractive ones.
Municipality Edifice of Tabriz, considered as the only and first municipal museum of all Iranian cities, possesses some museums such as Tabriz carpet, early cameras, contemporary arts, calligraphy, wisdom, service, press & publications, mayors and….
These halls exhibit valuable objects such as chinaware, itineraries Written about Tabriz, gifts given to executives by foreigners, old photos of Tabriz and the largest stand carpet of the world.
 Tabriz municipally edifice has been registered in the list of Iran’s national relics.


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