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  Asian Mayors

Asian Mayors Forum (AMF)

As the world is globalizing, more and more people leave their home to move to the urban areas for having better economic and social opportunities. Urbanization is a result of this trend happening all over the world and nowadays with a higher speed in developing countries. In a time when majority of the human population live in urban areas, urbanization has a significant impact on our society and life style.  Due to this trend today, cities are increasingly taking a leadership role amid the phenomenon of globalization. Since most countries are facing rapid urbanization, this fact can no longer be ignored. Countries also feel the need to tackle with this phenomenon in a more cooperative way. Although there might not be any easy solutions however, metropolitan cities have to be prepared to engage with much more participatory processes where people and their communities are fully involved in decisions affecting their livelihoods. ‘City-to-City Cooperation’ (C2C) may cover all possible forms of relationship between local authorities at any level in two or more countries which are collaborating together over matters of mutual interest, whether with or without a third party support.

In recent years the practice and scope of C2C has widened considerably on the initiative of city leaders, increasing the capacity of their cities and providing the cities with the opportunity for dealing with their own problems in close touch with their citizens. In response to the trends and political developments outlined above, establishment of the Secretariat of the Asian Mayors Forum in Tehran in 2008 has the goal of preparing fertile grounds for discussing successful experiences and innovative ideas for enhancement of cooperation among cities in Asia while also providing the cities and municipalities with the opportunity to engage in dialogue and deal with new challenges facing Asian cities.

Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) was established based on the provisions of Article 63 of the 2007 Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Final Declaration adopted unanimously in 2007,  with the purpose of establishing sustainable peace, promoting constructive co-operations among Asian cities and people, enhancing friendly relations among Asian cities as well as providing required ground for sustainable development of all Asian cities in different economic, social, scientific and technological fields. Furthermore the aim of promoting and facilitating further cooperation and networking among Mayors and Municipalities throughout Asia is highly emphasized.