Ganja is the second largest city in the country, a monument of the ancient culture, the industrial center of western Azerbaijan. City with a history that goes back to 494 BC (in 2013 Gandja celebrates 2507 anniversary) is of great interest for tourists. This area has a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage. 
 There are a lot of forests, vineyards, lakes, rivers and mountains. The area is famous for many mineral springs and unique medicinal oil – naphthalan. This natural substance is used as the most effective drug for the treatment of dermatological, rheumatic and neurological diseases. The Gandja sanatorium “Naftalan” is located in the heart of the ancient capital of Azerbaijan. The general territory of the city is 110 km2, and the population of the city is approximately 321.700 people. There are 2 big regions and 7 settlements in Ganja. The city is predominantly moderately Muslim, but there are also citizens that are Christians or Jews. Ganja has a semi-arid climate.

Ganja's economy Ganja is developing day by day. One could say that there are significant potentials and many opportunities to launch a business in Ganja.  During the last 10 years a great number of companies have been established there.  Among these, there is the “Ganja Automobile factory”, the "Ganja non-ferrous metal processing factory”, the “Ganja manufacturing” factory, the”Ganja Alumina plant”, the “Textile factory”, the “Aluminum factory”   and the “Ganja Wine factory”.