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Sahand mountains, is in the south of Tabriz city, north of Maragheh and the east of Urmia lake. This mountain is one of the tallest mountains in Azerbaijan and the main off volcanic mountains of Iran which considerable height of that is related to ash and volcanic material that in the past times poured out of the mountains. Sahand, because of plants and flowers and grass and pasture, called Iranian mountains brides because the mountainous region covered with plants, grass, flowers and pasture. Sahand in spring is unique garden.
Sahand has 17 peaks over 3,000 m which tallest one called Ghoch Goli mountain (Kamal), 3707 meters high.
Other famous peaks include: Jam, Sahand, Sultan, Demirel, Agh mountain, Motal mountain, Shir mountain, Haram mountain, Gyro mountain and ...


Location:178 km from tabriz city
Bozghosh mountains is located in the south of sabalan mountains and northwest of Miyane town. The mountain is a rocky mountain and its highest peak has 3304 meters high. It is located in the northern village of Tarchayy.The mountains around the town of Miyane, covered with green pastures and summer migration place  of Khodaverdi Lu and Hossein lu nomads. Important pastures of that is, Ouch hill, Samsakhlo and Khan's Takhti.

Sultan Sanjar

Location : 89 km from Tabriz city
Sultan Sanjar mountain is volcanic mountain which is located about 15 km east Zonoz and has a peak in the height of 3255 meters. Most of the mountain is covered with snow during the year.

Sultan mountain

Location:62 km from Tabriz city
This mount is located in the northwest of Sahand mountains, and  near the town of Osco, with an altitude of about 3410 m is the Sahand third peaks . At its peaks there is a shrine called Sultan Hesam-E- Din.
In Sultan mountain there are several effects of glacial but because of Sahand volcanic activity many of glacial effects covered by lava materials or the effect of water stream have been destroyed.


Mishow, mountain is in the north of Urmia lake and separates Marand plain from Shabestar plain and Urmia lake. Marand town in the northern foothill and Shabestar town is located in the southern part of this mountain. Mishow maximum height is 2855 m and famous peaks of that are Falak mountain, Ali Alamdar, Koose baba, Goy Zangi, Shanjan and Ozon Bell. Along southern mountains of Marand and mountains of Mishow are related to Morodagh mountains.

Moro Dagh

Location:36 km from Tabriz city
Morodagh mountain at 36 km from west of  Tabriz in the East – West is stretched from the northern highlands of Sofyan to the Tabriz. The Mountain In Payan defile passes through the north of Tabriz highway and the Shibli defile ending.
Morvodagh highest point has 2210 meters high and most famous peaks is the Chelle khane, Pir musa and, KhwajaMarjan.
In addition,this  peaks and mountains East Azerbaijan has another high mountains over 3,000 meters high.
Some of them are:
Jahangir Sultan 3255 m, Arasbaran
Neshankuh, 3660 m, Arasbaran
Shanjan mountain, 3125 meters, in Shabestar
Agh mountain, 3550 m, in Tabriz