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 Kandovan village
Kandovan village   

Location :Osku town
Kandovan one of the villages of east Azerbaijan province is located in Sahand village in the central part of the Oscu city. The village has many tourist attractions because of its homes, that has been dug into the mountains like a beehive. Honey is the main souvenir of this village. Kandovan, one of the three rock villages in the world that due to its attractivenessis unique. Kandovan village architecture and old texture and style of living is considered as an exception in the world because someone else does not live in Cappadocia and South Dakota. Kandovan is a village built on cliff and the only structure of the village is from rocks. Homes are pyramidal and for animals are also holes in the rocks. Kandovan is summer immigration region of Sahand mountains which the green pastures attracts many of nomads. Kandovan Spa is also one of the attractions of this six thousand years old village. The spring water with the lowest percentage of weight is very useful for the treatment of kidney disease. Professor "David Roll" English renowned archaeologist, on a trip to Iran and discovered the world's first postal route, the antiquity of Kandovan on this route one of his citations to theories of Adam fall- cave human sedentarization, human social life.

rocky and buried  village of Hile Var

location :Oscu
Hile var village related to Ilkhani era and is located in Oscu town , Central part  of Hile var.And this historic place on 2 Agu 2005 with registered number 12622 has been registered as one of the national monuments. this villages have been buried in the mountains.

Arshad Chaman

Arshad chaman is a summer migration region that is located near Kandovan. It has fresh nature and pleasing weather.