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  • پارک آبی - پارک بزرگ تبریز
Ghadamgah Cave

Location: 55 km from Tabriz city
This cave located near the Ghadamgah (Badamyar) village in the south of Azarshahr city and probably belong to the period before Islam.The underground cave section is circular and it has 15 meters diameter.
Corridor width is  9 meters and length and height are  5/1 and 5/2 meters that joins to other corridor which length of that  5/4 meters and width 20/3 m and a height of 5/2 up to 4 m.Then, corridor opens to  dome space of cave. This place is enough light of the floor up to the window and its roof has 12 meters high.

Eskandar cave

Location: 30 km from Tabriz city
 Eskandar cave is located at a distance of 30 km from Tabriz city in Saeed Abad village and access to it is posssible through transit roads of Tabriz – Tehran.
The cave entrance width is 5 meters and inside walls has interesting stalactite.

Agh Bolaq cave      

 Location: 143 km from Tabriz city
The cave is located in the southern part of Qara chiman village in Bostanabad town and the cave is a kind of stalactite.The cave entrance width is 2 meters and access to this cave is possible from the Qara chiman village. Beautiful AghBolaq cave visited by interested mountaineers.

Hampoeil (pigeon) cave

Location: 162 km from Tabriz city
Maragheh pigeon cave which is known Hampoeil cave, is located about 15 km southeast of Maragheh.
This cave in around rocky mountains is located in south and has about 1600 meters height from the Mourdi Chay’s riverbed. Cave entrance is 8 meters and the height of it is about 25 to 40 meters. The length and width of the first corridor of cave is almost 40 in 60 meters. At the beginning of the cave, there is an inscription in Russian language, which its history related to 1925. The importance of pigeon cave is because of its deep wells can be seen like great stone halls and steep rocky canyons. This cave is noteworthy more than other caves for speleologists, researchers and climbers who visit this area every year for take a trip.