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 Silk Road

Silk Road

Chinese ancient commercial road that was in used for 2000 years still is famous in world, was as a bridge between china and Europe, Asian and African countries for exchanging  money and civilization from east to west.
Because of being on Silk Road, Tabriz was center of merchandise exchange between Far East and Europe. It cause businessmen and tourists mostly mentioned Tabriz shopping centers in their descriptions.
This commercial road named Silk Road as result of distributing silk clothes to west from china. Result of researches indicates the road was invented by a Chinese dynasty, Han, in 1 B.C. at that time it was extended to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Alexandria in west of Egypt. On the other hand it crosses from Pakistan and Kabul in a Afghanistan to Persian gulf and from Kabul to Karachi in south. If it had changed to sea road it would have included Paris and Rom.