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Date : 2014 Sunday 19 Jan     |     Code : 49

French designers, counselors and investors soon in Tabriz

Expert French designers, counselors and investors of some European holdings and companies are to come to Tabriz to cooperate in municipal plans and projects.

Dr. Najafi, the mayor of Tabriz, announced that the group of designers and counselors of Deseos Group Co. of France are ready to cooperate with Tabriz municipality in different projects. In the negotiations between Tabriz mayor and top managers of the French company, two parties discussed possible ways to sign a contract.

Dr. Najafi also added that some magnificent projects such as the saloon of European Union, the western entrance of Holy Mecca, red square of Russia, and Lark garden of Tehran are among the most valid projects and designs of mentioned company.

The mayor pointed to Baghlar Baghi, city entrances, welfare infrastructures, big park and some other important projects as the cases recommended by Tabriz municipality to be performed by the French company.

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