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Date : 2019 Sunday 24 Feb     |     Code : 251

Tabriz municipality praised in the exhibition of urban and rural management

“On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, Tabriz Municipality presented its 40-year activities in different fields, including urban services, urban regeneration, public transportation, IT and etc. in the exhibition of urban and rural management in Bandar Abbas from 20 -22 Feb, 2019” Saeid Hajizadeh, general manager of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality stated.
Hajizadeh also reiterated that Tabriz Municipality unveiled the collection of citizenship education books introduced its latest innovative projects and the use of new technologies in the scope of urban planning and the other grounds to be evaluated by the experts of Iran's Municipalities and village administrators.
pointing to the successful participation of Tabriz municipality in the 1st Int’l Exhibition of Housing, Urban Planning and Urban Regeneration, held on 13-15 January, 2019 Tehran – Iran, he expressed that prosperous projects of Tabriz municipality in the field of urban regeneration and tackling the marginalization problem were explained in the form of a brochure and a booklet to the municipalities and visitors.
Iran's Municipalities and villages organization, due to the proper performance and proficiency of Tabriz municipality in myriad of grounds in the last 40 years, granted plaque and statue.


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