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Date : 2018 Sunday 29 Apr     |     Code : 238

President Rouhani Officially Inaugurates Tabriz 2018

A glittering ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani was held on Wednesday, 25 Apr in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, to celebrate the city's designation as the Capital of Islamic Tourism in 2018. 

Addressing the opening event, Rouhani hailed the nomination, saying that Azarbaijan and Iran deserve such a global status. 

"Tabriz has always been Iran's gateway to the western world and will remain a link between the east and the west," he said. 

He called for the preservation of the city's order and cleanliness and the quality of its specialties so as to bill it as a tourism hub in the region and the world following the 2018 event. 

President later stated that the expansion of tourism paves the way for constructive collaboration with the world and leads nations to gain a correct understanding of their history. 

In December 2015, the inter-governmental Organization of Islamic Cooperation selected Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries for the year of 2018.

Above all, it should also be noted that Iranian cultural officials, MPs, foreign diplomats, as well as tourism associates and tour operators marked the opening of “Tabriz-2018”, a privilege forecasted to draw over one million foreign travelers to the historic city. The capital of East Azarbaijan, Tabriz offers its visitors abundant live performances, exhibits, workshops, meetings, concerts of indigenous music, and ritual dances.

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