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Date : 2018 Saturday 28 Apr     |     Code : 237

Official inauguration ceremony of “Tabriz 2018” event held in Tabriz Int’l conference center

Simultaneous with the exploiting Tabriz Int’l conference center, official ceremony of “Tabriz 2018” splendid event, with the attendance of the president of Islamic republic of Iran, provincial and national authorities, ambassadors and ministers was held gloriously.

In this ceremony, mayor of Tabriz, deputy president and Dr. Rouhani, delivered speech in favor of Tabriz beauties and its tourism attractions.

On the final day of the 9th Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers (December 21-23,2015) in Niamey, Niger, ministers of tourism of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states approved the selection of Tabriz as the capitals of Islamic tourism in 2018.

رضا عالش‌زاده
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