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Date : 2018 Saturday 21 Apr     |     Code : 236

Mayor of Tabriz meets archbishop of Armenians in Azerbaijan, Iran

In a meeting with Grigor Chiftchian, archbishop of Armenians in Azerbaijan, Iran, Dr.Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz, said:” The municipality of Tabriz, while considering the cultural features, has strengthened all the indicators of the selection of Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries and also provided the conditions for the participation of citizens from different religions.

Iraj Shahin Baher pointed out that Tabriz Municipality has always tried to create an atmosphere full of peace and harmony for religions minorities and added: "The development and civil of the city require the participation of the public, which could be very important and effective for the enhancement of the tourism position of Tabriz in 2018.

Elsewhere in his remarks, He noted that all religious minorities live in peace and security with Muslims, and Tabriz Municipality, using this capacity, has taken the basic steps toward tourism policies of “Tabriz 2018”.

Emphasizing on the achievement of the development of the sustainable tourism in Tabriz, the mayor reiterated that private-public partnership in infrastructure development such as public transport, green space development can be considered as a turning point in attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Pointing to the presence of various religions in Iran, Grigor Chiftchian, on his part said that the Muslims and Christians brothers, while living together, always have tough interactions and synergy.

 “Citizens’ partnerships in the cities civil and prosperity is so crucial and significant and the Armenian citizens will certainly participate in this path,” Gregor Chifthian.

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