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Date : 2018 Saturday 17 Mar     |     Code : 233


With the attendance of Mehmet Duman, secretary general of UCLG-MEWA, Mehmet Ekinci, head of tourism committee, FATMA ŞAHİN, mayor of Gaziantep and president of UCLG-MEWA, Numan Kurtulmuş ,  Minister of Culture and Tourism and  Alireza Baghban Hadigheh, manager of Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality, 2-day UCLG-MEWA Forum on Sustainable Tourism and Local Development took place in  Şanlıurfa city on 13-14 March 2018,  under the auspices of Eyyübiye Municipality, President of UCLG-MEWA Committee on Tourism.

At UCLG-MEWA Forum on Sustainable Tourism and Local Development; participants reviewed action plans of national tourism strategies and shared models of smart destinations and good practices; by focusing on the current tourism potential in the MEWA region. Committee members also presented technical reports on Faith Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism, Geothermal Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Nature Tourism, during the administrative session of the Forum, where the technical issues and membership structure of the Committee were discussed.

During the forum, Alireza Baghban, focused on the common issues in the Islam world and asked for regionalism and more cooperation among the MEWA countries and the other neighboring ones through holding exhibitions in various grounds and cultural weeks to promote tourism industry in the region which has been paid less attention.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he underscored cultural and tourism potentials affecting the convergence of Middle East and Western Asia Region.

On the sidelines of the forum, Baghban as a representative of Tabriz municipality referred to “Tabriz 2018” event and invited all the member cities to attend Tabriz in 2018, the tourism capital of Islamic countries.

UCLG-MEWA Committee on Tourism aims to underscore the role of sustainable tourism in economic development, current challenges that cities face in using their tourism potential, and solution proposals in line with the vision of “Sustainable Tourism, Resilience Economy.”

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