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Date : 2018 Wednesday 07 Mar     |     Code : 228

We are ready to support “Tabriz 2018”: Zarif

On the occasion of selection of Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries, the Mayor of Tabriz and the governor of East Azerbaijan met with foreign minister, Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, to make the necessary arrangements and coordination for official opening ceremony of “Tabriz 2018”, about to be held on 25 April, 2018 in Tabriz.

Accepting  the invitation of the mayor of Tabriz and the governor of East Azerbaijan to attend the official ceremony of “Tabriz 2018” splendid event, foreign minister talked on the readiness of the ministry of foreign affairs for all kinds of accompaniment and cooperation for  national event of” Tabriz2018”.

In this friendly meeting, adopting the required measures and interactions such as inviting presidents, ambassadors, foreign guests and holding Tabriz nights in the other countries were taken into consideration and foreign minister promised to provide necessary facilities in this direction.

During the meeting, Majid Khodabakhsh, governor general of East Azerbajan unveiled the readiness of all Tabriz organs and NGO's to host all guests including foreign tourism ministries.

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