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Date : 2018 Saturday 03 Mar     |     Code : 226

“Tabriz 2018”, a precious opportunity for all Iranian cities: Tabriz mayor

On the sidelines of the 95th summit of metropolises held in Isfahan, mayor of Tabriz, declaring that Tabriz is named as the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018, stated: "We must attract foreign and domestic tourists using the tourism capacities of our cities. In this regard, Tabriz participates at all tourism exhibitions and considers incentive packages for tourists”, he said.

Tabriz 2018 will provide an opportunity to introduce Iran's culture and literature to the world, and contribute to the development of Iran and the region, said Tabriz mayor.

Iraj Shahin Baher elsewhere stated that municipalities and people are involved with each other and they need bilateral partnerships enhancing city scape and image. He also stated that sustainable urban economy contributes to the sustainable revenues of municipalities.

In this meeting, mayors discussed the country’s budget for the year 1397, urban management, modification of municipalities’ law and sustainable revenues.

It should also be noted that the 95th meeting of the mayors of the metropolises of the country was hosted by Isfahan city with the participation of 15 metropolitan metropolises including Isfahan, Tabriz, Tehran, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Kerman, Zahedan, Rasht, Urmia, Arak, Qom, Karaj and Mashhad.

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