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Date : 2018 Sunday 25 Feb     |     Code : 224

Joint willing of municipality and government to strengthen marginalized texture of Tabriz: mayor of Tabriz

In a meeting with Dogan Kubilay, the head of the executive board of the Kuzu Pars Construction Company, Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, talked about the government and Tabriz municipality’s facilities in urban inefficient areas and utilizing the operational measures alleviating marginalization in Tabriz.

Pointing to the common willing of municipality and government to amend marginalized texture of Tabriz, Shahin Baher reminded that Tabriz municipality, applying the encouraging policies and granting free construction licenses, has provided legal grounds preparing some conditions in favor of low-income areas inhabitants.

In this meeting, Dogan Kubilay, on his part appreciated the great efforts of Tabriz municipality in the marginalized texture of Tabriz and said: “today, municipalities tackle the obstacles of worn-out and outlying settlements with collaborative and scientific success styles."

Later, he added that Kuzu Pars is one of the most experienced housing groups bearing successful experiences in the worn-out texture of Ankara and Istanbul, and is determined to run Tabriz marginalization program.

“Upon the preparation of legal affairs, the company is ready to start its schedule-based plans in Tabriz, “he finally said .

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