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Date : 2018 Thursday 22 Feb     |     Code : 223

“Tabriz 2018” event to be inaugurated officially on 25 April, 2018

At the coordination meeting of” Tabriz 2018” programs, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, the honorary president of the national policy-making headquarter of “Tabriz 2018”, accompanied by the government representative, governor general of East Azerbaijan, mayor of Tabriz and representatives of the private sector, announced that the  official opening of “Tabriz 2018” event will be on 25 April, 2018.

Nematzadeh later said that “Tabriz 2018” event is a popular program and its benefits serve the private sector, hence, authorities should share the tasks with the private sector benefiting the fruitful outcomes.

Appreciating the programs which have been implemented before, Nematzadeh reminded that all the associated organs should coordinate and cooperate with each other at the national and international levels.

"Informing is the most important necessity of “Tabriz 2018”, and all executive agencies should use their capacities to introduce Tabriz and East Azerbaijan’s natural attractions," honorary president said.

Referring to the potentials of Tabriz, he declared that Tabriz industries, especially those ones mixed with art such as carpet and shoe, are among Tabriz tourism attractions .consequently, required measures should be taken into consideration to lead the travel tours to visit such industries.

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