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Date : 2018 Tuesday 13 Feb     |     Code : 220

Vice-president of Republika Srpska asks for sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Banjaluka

Coinciding with holding Iranian Cultural Days in line with the programs of “Tabriz 2018” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vice-president of Republika Srpska requested to prepare the required requisites to sign sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Banjaluka.

Continuing the programs of this prestigious event held in cooperation with Tabriz Municipality, Islamic Art University of Tabriz, Sarajevo Municipality, Cultural Attaché of the Iranian Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Art Academy of Sarajevo University and the other cultural and social institutions of Sarajevo, live traditional music was held by Mani music group and welcomed by the attendants.

In this ceremony, Mahmood Heidari, Iranian ambassador stated that art is the joint language of the people and added that the attendance of Iranian artists conveys the message of friendship to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this ceremony, Hojat-ol-eslam Hamidi, the social and cultural deputy of Tabriz municipality, said: “The splendid event of “Tabriz 2018” is an ideal occasion to share cultural and historical commons of Islamic countries “.

Expressing his appreciation to the Sarajevo authorities, cultural deputy later pointed to the selection of Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries and declared that Tabriz municipality is ready to host cultural days of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tabriz city.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hamidi referred to the Tabriz municipality’s great efforts providing tourism facilities and hoped to host numerous tourists in 2018.

It should be noted that Tabriz art and handicrafts exhibition was opened in the city of Banjaluka with the presence of the Vice-President of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the mayor and Bishop of Banjaluka and the social and cultural deputy of Tabriz municipality and the accompanying delegation and continued until the end of Fajr Decade.

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