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Date : 2018 Tuesday 30 Jan     |     Code : 215

Negotiations on the articles of waste-to-energy plant of Tabriz

With the attendance of Saeid Nikoukheslat, head of environment and sustainable development commission of Islamic council of Tabriz, Hosseini, general manager of economic affairs and finance of East Azerbaijan province , Hashempour, general manager of legal affairs of Tabriz municipality, Roshani, head of research center of Tabriz municipality, Asghari, general manager of waste management organization of Tabriz municipality, Stefano Costa, chief advisor of CNIM, CNIM is a French industrial engineering contractor and equipment manufacturer and Martin Aymer, legal advisor in BOT contractions , two-day meetings on the articles of contract of waste-to-energy plant of Tabriz  were held in Tabriz Kaya Hotel. 

In this meeting, Alireza Asghari, general manager of waste management organization of Tabriz municipality stated:” Tabriz, the City of Firsts in Iran, aims to exploit the serious threat of environment in the field of urban waste management as a golden opportunity producing energy and also tries to be known as the pioneer in producing energy from waste and establishing incinerator plant through the country.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Asghari continued that with the supports and cooperation of Islamic council of Tabriz city and the other associated senior managers of the province, waste management organization of Tabriz municipality has taken numerous strides in this field. “Holding plenty of technical, legal and expertise sessions to clarify the stipulations and details of the contract are among taken measures’, he said.

It should also be noted that in the second day of the negotiations, Dr. Shakur Akbarnejad, president of Islamic council of Tabriz, and Dr. Beheshti, the head of planning and Budget commission of the city council attended in the meeting and supervised the process of talks.

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